Friday, 24 August 2012

Catalyst Food aims to bring about a change in the 
food habits of this generation by providing healthy, 
delicious, eco-friendly, humane and VEGAN 
options on the menu. By vegan we mean cruelty-
free = dairy-free & egg-free 
without any animal & animal derived products.


  1. a few details i would like to know:
    is there a place in catalyst food to sit and eat?
    what is the cost of all those products? it would be great if you list the prices on the blog
    what are the shop timings?
    P.S it's really great to know that there is a vegan hotel in Chennai! I've been searching a lot!

    1. 1. As of now there is no place to sit and eat...hopefully a cafe will happen if vegan opts catch on...
      2. They're not cheap, but not too pricey either...mail for specific products
      3. products made ONLY against orders for now...
      thank u!