Friday, 24 August 2012

8. Vegan in Chennai - Made by Catalyst Food

All VEGAN Delights
with the Veggy Series

Bread stuffed w curried VeggyMate

VeggyMate Strips
w tofu & baby corn
Chocolate Mousse w VeggyWiz

VeggyActiv Steaks 
Noodles w VeggyMeat Not-Chicken Strips,
tofu & mushrooms

VeggyCakes w VeggyWiz Frosting

VeggyMate Manchurian

Choco-nut balls with VeggyWiz

Oriental Talumein w VeggyMeat
Not-Fish Strips

A VeggyMeat Steak

VeggyMeat Not-Kheema / Mince
& VeggyNaise Appetizers

VeggyActiv Bake

VeggyActiv Philly Sandwich

Chocolate Pudding
w VeggyWiz

Cute Cookies
w VeggyWiz Frosting

Luscious Brownies
w VeggyWiz Frosting
Mango Pudding
w VeggyWiz

Salad w VeggyNaise
VeggyMeat Not-Fish Slices
w burnt eggplant 
Chilly VeggyActiv

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